Tuesday, November 10, 2009

1930's Coat from Vintage Pattern Library

I originally bought a wool sage plaid for this coat, but a week ago, I walked into 27th St Fabrics for some hem tape and saw a gorgeous wool felt in a hot chocolate color and my plans changed just like that. It's almost a boiled wool, which I love, and I think it will drape beautifully in this style. I'm still in the cutting stages; I have never worked with wool felt before and it's something of a challenge to smooth out when it's folded. In fact, it's absolutely insane. There are ALWAYS ripples on the second layer. I will prevail, however, and am on my last piece. I should have it cut out by this afternoon. I also have enough left over to make a hat (prob a cloche of some sort) and a handbag (I have a fantastic Amy Butler pattern).


  1. I'm dying to see this, it sounds gorgeous!

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