Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pattern Hoarder Solution

I collect vintage patterns, and although I'm not going to reveal the true number I'm up to (it's like my weight), I will say that I have enough that if I didn't have a decent storage solution, things would be getting a little sketchy around my house. All I know is that some little sewer is going to have a grand time at my estate sale, especially if she has big boobs and has a fondness for 1930's fashion.

I found the above box at the Container Store about a year ago, and they work like a dream to store my patterns in. A lot of the patterns are pretty fragile, so I like to store them each in their own 4 mm ziplock 6x8 bag first before I file them by era. The boxes are made by Semikolon, and of course, the Container Store (at least the one in Portland, OR) doesn't sell that size anymore, so I've had to go elsewhere to secure them, because now I'm addicted to the boxes, too. They're the perfect size, 12 1/2"tall x 6 1/2"wide x 10 1/4"deep, and all vintage patterns fit nicely inside except for McCalls, which I have a larger box for. Larger Vintage Vogue's won't really go either, but regular patterns, Amy Butler and Colette all slide and nest very nicely inside these guys. If you're interested, they're called a "chemise" box, and I've been able to find them at and at the Storage Store in a variety of colors. The price has gone up a couple of bucks and shipping is involved, but each fits about 40-50 patterns. Having access from the top makes flipping through the patterns easy if you don't crowd them in too tightly. If you do run across then at a Container Store, snatch 'em up--they're sturdy, cute and work perfectly for a helpless addict like myself. I wonder if they have a Betty Ford for us?